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Tina Fey talk about her daughter, Penelope Richmond playing with Amy Poehler’s son, Abel Arnett during the shooting of The Nest.

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im standing in full adidas attire drinking my way through a case of fiji water. you ask me my name and i smile. i begin to answer and only a stream of chopped mango cubes flood from my mouth.

under my jacket im wearing a crop top

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mac demarco looks like a really untrustworthy hitchhiker but a really reliable carpenter

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packs 2 hours before leaving for a trip

unpacks 3 months after coming home

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You could give me 67 years to do homework and I wouldn’t do it until the night before

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Me: you can talk to me whenever you feel bad! I'll always be there for you
Me: *bottles up problems* *doesnt talk about it with anyone* *lays in bed instead of trying to solve my own problems*